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Are your pinches of salt ready? Today, we’ve gotten word that the phablet world may just get a new addition from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, one  that aims to challenge the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s dominance — the HTC DLX.

HTC DLX Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Competitor

A tweet from known tipster Football4PDA reveals the specs of the rumored new device from HTC:

  • Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5 GHz processor
  •  5-inch display
  •  1.5 GB RAM
  •  16 GB Internal Storage
  •  a 12 MP rear facing camera, complemented by a 2 MP shooter on the front
  • a massive 2500mAh non-removable battery
  • OS will be Android 4.1.2


Football4PDA did not give any additional sources or information about this rumor but according to reports, information provided by this person has been more or less reliable in the past. The device is supposedly already headed to China and Germany. The US will be getting it through Verizon and will come with LTE capabilities.

Looking at these specs, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still the better device — a bigger battery, more RAM, a faster processor and a screen that’s bigger by half an inch. However, HTC’s been known to deliver some pretty solid and sexy looking smartphones so we’re still curious as to what the HTC DLX will end up looking like and if it has any other surprise features that could convince users to pick it over the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Based on what we know so far, do you think the HTC DLX will be able to compete against the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


UPDATE: Curious how the HTC DLX scored in benchmark tests? Read about here!


[via Know Your Mobile]

  1. Did you forget about the full HD screen. COME ON NOW!!! That’s over twice the number of pixels crammed into a smaller screen! 441 ppi versus 267 ppi. Not to mention that 5.5″ is just too large for my taste. No contest IMHO.
    On an aside, in the first paragraph the article mentions that “LG’s reportedly working on a new phablet that will challenge the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?s dominance — the HTC DLX.” It’s NOT by LG, it’s by HTC, FYI.

  2. The only thing going for this ‘rumored’ phone is a higher resolution (Oh, and 4 MP to the rear camera, but personally 8 is still overkill). I highly doubt that 1080p will be a noticeable improvement over 720p on such a small screen, relatively speaking of course.
    And for coming out later in the game, coming out short on processor speed, RAM, and battery capacity just seems foolish. To boot, that battery isn’t even replaceable (Really tips the scales for me) I’m also sure that a mere 16 GB internal storage will turn some users, but I’m fine with SD cards if it means saving a hundred bucks or so.

  3. he was talking about the capabilities of the phone, which means, without killer features like the note 2 have atm, a 1080p screen resolution is as good as useless.

  4. The Note 2 doesn’t have a faster processor. I guess the writer of this article didn’t see the benchmark scores of the DIX, they’re so high that they’re unprecedented for mobile devices. And he thinks a 5.5″ 720p display is better than a 5″ 1080p?! C’mon now!

  5. I ‘m happy to see competition in the 5 inch+ phone market, it keeps the ingenuity moving. That being said, I like the Note 2 and I REALLY like the specs on the Galaxy Note X rumored to be released late 2013.

  6. What ??? Galaxy Note 2 i don’t think even it don’t have specs that can compete with Galaxy note as well so but still we can’t say what people like and HTC is known for it’s brilliance so lets wait and watch 😀

  7. The GN 2 has an accurate and full featured stylus. This means the screen is purpose built for stylii, not for a dick measuring contest with apple’s retina.

  8. @trob6969:disqus – You’re right. I didn’t get to check out the benchmarks for DLX. Will give that a look now. Thanks for the heads up!

    As for the screen, I just don’t think 1080p vs. 720p would be a huge difference. I could be wrong but based on what’s been leaked so far I’d rather get a device with more screen real estate.

  9. The Qualcomm S4 Pro was the top processor and GPU in a phone until the iPhone 5 showed up. I don’t think the benchmarks will be effected by the extra 512mb of RAM in the Note 2.
    I don’t mean to be harsh but you had some false information.

  10. It totally does not come out ‘short’ on processor speed. It has an S4 Pro chip in it. The standard s4, dual core snapdragon competes and beats the quad core Tegra 3 chips. With the S4 Pro, a quad core snapdragon, it will be a BEAST of a processor. sorry, but look at more than ‘IT HAZ LESS MEGAHURTS’ next time.

  11. The S4 Pro has not been released. You are thinking about the S4 (dual core snapdragon). It was indeed the top processor when it was new. The S4 Pro is a quad core snapdragon, is new, and will beat the pants off the ‘apple 5’

    Who has false information now?

  12. Note 2 will receive no real competition because the DLX is limited to Verizon. If you are like me who would never use Verizon again than the Note 2 is the best phone. Seeing as though it is coming out in a couple of weeks I see no comparison since between all the Apple followers who bought the Iphone 5 with no big difference to specs. Everyone else is waiting for the Note 2. DLX will sell but won’t have the same numbers.

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