Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and Note 6 Edge - What You Need to Know
Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and Note 6 Edge - What You Need to Know

When there are so many types of phones, it’s easy to get confused by the specifications. To make choosing a new phone easier, we’re using this article to help explain some of the best new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and Galaxy Note 6 Edge.

There are a lot of different types of phones out there these days, and they’re always competing for your attention. It can be hard to choose between Samsung smartphones, LG mobile phones ,and Apple iOS phones because all of the features seem so similar. That being said, the newest Galaxy handsets (the Samsung Galaxy 6 and Galaxy 6 Edge) will change the ways we look at Samsung phones.

At a Glance: Features to Look Forward To On the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

Coined as one of the most advanced smartphones yet, one of the newest and coolest features is simply adding colors to your calls (by using the “dual edged” lighting on the screen). This lets you know who’s calling at a moment’s glance, no matter where your phone is. It puts your top 5 contacts on the main screen, as well as showing your clock at night (in a way that doesn’t distract you). The Information screen gives you lots of information without even turning your phone on to save battery (and these are just features on the sleep screen).

The Biggest Differences Between the Galaxy Note 6 and the Note 6 Edge?

The biggest differences that you’ll note between these products is the dual edge screen design on the S6 Edge. It also comes standard with “Ultra Power Save Mode.” All things considered, they both come equipped with a 5.1 Quad HD Super AMOLED and flawless camera, Samsung virtualization technology and more.

Here are Some Specs for the Galaxy Note 6 and the Galaxy Note 6 Edge

If you’re still having a hard time deciding, here are something to make you feel better: both models are drastically better than the Apple iPhone 6. First, they offer almost 3 times the RAM and better front cameras. Their rear cameras are also twice the power (at 16 MP), with over 3 times the pixels in the screen (so you can’t go wrong).

Some other great specs include the huge 5.1 inch screens, with over 557 pixels per inch. On top of this display, you get a super fast Exynos 7420 processor. You’ll get plenty of ram and storage too (3GB and 32,64, or 128 GB respectively). Expect to pay between $300-400 for the Galaxy Note 6 Edge, and $250-300 for the regular Galaxy Note 6.

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