Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch DateAmid speculation and rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch date draws nearer according to the company’s Facebook page.

As the new year progresses, more and more predictions are flying about when the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch date will be. Many fans and some analysts were hoping April 2013 would be the month in which the highly anticipated smartphone would be released to the masses. Unfortunately for die-hard fans, Samsung Lebanon has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch date will not be until after May 2013. Even though this tidbit of information does not pin down a specific date for the release, it does let the public know that there is a set time frame and also that the official name of the phone has been assumed correctly throughout the speculation period. It also lets us know that the phone is, in fact, in production.

Speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch date really began to take hold when the Korea Times released a statement citing that the sought after smartphone might be unveiled at a technology expo in Europe next month.

Samsung is also reportedly bringing the S4 to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, this month. The catch, however, is that it is only for high-profile associates and that the public will not be included in such exchanges and likely will never know that they occurred at all.

Additional speculation includes more specific rumors such as specs and also the highly controversial and hotly debated idea that there will be a complete absence of the button at the bottom of the phone, suggesting that the S4 will operate by on-screen, touch activated buttons only.

Regardless of rumors and guesses, one thing is for certain. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Date is drawing nearer and fans will likely see the new model sometime this year. Get excited!