Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

The long awaited next generation device in the Galaxy lineup for Samsung has experienced some issues on launch day in the UK. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has proven so popular in the UK on launch day, that retailers and network operators are running out of stock.

“There has been unprecedented demand for the Galaxy S4 in the UK. Samsung is working hard to ensure that pre-orders and sales across all channels are fulfilled as soon as possible.”

However, most networks are not actually selling the device until tomorrow, if there is sufficient stock available. EE spoke to CNET about the stock shortages:

“We’ve seen huge demand for the Galaxy S4, but unfortunately we have received fewer devices than anticipated,” a spokesperson for 4G network EE told me. “We’re currently prioritising pre-order customers on a first-come, first-served basis, and we’re working with Samsung to fulfil all remaining pre-orders as swiftly as possible.”

For O2, the similar is very similar:

“For us, some customers (who’ve pre-ordered their handset before 19 April) will get their handset on 26 April. These customers will receive an SMS to let them know, if a contact number has been provided at point of order. For other customers who’ve ordered their handset before 19 April they’ll receive their handset from 27 April.”

So it looks like it’s not only the consumers, who were hedging their bets on queuing up on launch day for a chance to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4, those who pre-ordered the device will most likely not get their handsets in time.

It’s incredible that for a company who mostly controls their own manufacturing and supply chain can experience such issues in the release of their new flagship Samsung Galaxy S4. But is it the fact the Samsung Galaxy S4 is so popular demand consumed the entire stock supply, or is it Samsung simply underestimated demand and undersupplied the stores?

Did you order a Samsung Galaxy S4? Are you experiencing delays with yours?

[Source CNET]

  1. Pre ordered my S4 in March with EE, still have not recieved it. Did however recieve a text message from EE last friday, confirming that I will be recieving it sometime this week!

  2. I also pre ordered mine at the end of March with Orange and still waiting but i should hear from them week commencing 29th April. The only thing that got to me was the fact that the minute I pre ordered I had to change over to the new tariff which has cost me a bit more :((

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