Following various Samsung Galaxy S4 stock shortages recently reported, it seems UK retailers are beginning to catch up with demand and stores now have enough stock to fulfill the pre-orders and you may even be lucky enough to get a store were you can just walk in!

samsung-galaxy-s4Phones4u and Three are just two of the retailers claiming they have received more stock following the limited availability of the Samsung Galaxy S4 at launch.

“Following unprecedented demand for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and initial stock shortages at launch, we’re pleased to confirm we have taken a large delivery of the most pre-ordered Samsung smart phone ever at Phones 4u,” cheers Phones 4U exec Scott Hooton.

“This has been used to fulfil all remaining pre-orders, as well as to ensure our stores across the UK have the Galaxy S4 available for people to buy from today.”

Three is chiming a similar tune “Three has now fulfilled all Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders and also has stock available through all of our channels for purchase.”

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch saw stock shortages almost instantly, with most pre-orders being delayed due to insufficient stock levels. Stores received minimal stock to fulfill pre-orders, and most didn’t even manage that.

As raised before – was the supply shortage down to a clever limited supply marketing strategy? Or could Samsung simply not make enough devices? For a company that manufacturers its own components, it is likely Samsung simply got the predictions wrong, andĀ under-anticipatedĀ the sheer demand for the Samsung Galaxy S4. If Samsung was playing a limited stock game all along for some sort of exclusive marketing strategy, it has most likely annoyed a lot of retailers in the process.

Now the retailers are beginning to see stock supplies of the Samsung Galaxy S4 increase, are you now considered getting an S4?

[Source CNET]