Galaxy SIII Reaches 30 Million in Sales

Galaxy SIII Reaches 30 Million in Sales

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has proven to be a powerhouse in the mobile device market, consistently reaching milestones ahead of industry predictions. Most recently, the Samsung Mobile team announced that their flagship SIII had reached 30 million devices sold worldwide. The total sales number includes the carrier specific versions as well as the sim-free models. This major milestone has been met just 5 months after the release of the device, which replaced the SII as the primary device pushed in most major markets.

Samsung Mobile Announces 30 million Galaxy SIII Sold Worldwide

Early in September of this year, JK Shin, the head of Samsung Mobile in Japan, predicted the device would hit 30 million sales by the end of 2012. With almost 2 months to go in the year that number will likely be shattered as the holiday season approaches. Also included in Shins expectations were 20 million devices sold for the Note II, which at the time of his announcement had not yet reached store shelves. The Galaxy SIII reached 20 million in sales in its first 100 days on the market. By comparison, the iPhone 4s sold 35 million units in the second quarter of 2012 alone according to the Los Angeles Times.

The domination of the Android market by Samsung seems almost inevitable at this point, especially considering that HTC, their largest competitor, has released very poor sales numbers recently and is generating disappointing numbers with their One X series of phones. HTC has even begun to pull their devices from markets such as South Korea due to poor performance and the Samsung cloud looming over all things mobile in that country.

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