Samsung Gear Solo, A Wearable That Makes Calls

Sources overseas are now stating that Samsung will be releasing a version of the Gear 2 called the Gear Solo. Based upon a trademark that has been filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the new wearable will be called the Solo and information obtained by Patently Apple sheds some light as to why it is called that.

Samsung Gear Solo, A Wearable That Makes CallsInstead of having to sync with a smartphone just to interact with calls or text messages, the Samsung Gear Solo will be fitted with a USIM card, allowing it to interact with the network itself rather than piggybacking.

The same type of smartwatch–this one probably won”t be widely accepted–was unveiled by musician and tech enthusiast earlier this month. During the Alan Carr: Chatty Man show, the watch was shown off and according to it can also make calls without a smartphone. Details regarding the device or even a name have not been provided, though it is always possible that he will try to push it out to the market, but at that point, he could be competing against Samsung.

Patently Apple”s report does state that although a trademark has been filed, the device may casino not be called the Gear Solo. Samsung executives are allegedly quibbling over the name but decided to snatch up Solo before making a final decision.

The device will be released through a partnership between Samsung and SK Telecom, but a source within the Korean cell carrier did not completely rule out the possibility that the Gear Solo will be released in other markets as well.

So far, there are no mainstream smart watches that are able to function independently from a smartphone. If Samsung is able to bring that sort of feature to the market with success, other companies may follow in its foot steps. As of right now, the reliance on a smartphone is one of the things setting back smart watches.

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Summary: Samsung is partnering with SK Telecom to release the Gear Solo. It will be based upon the Gear 2 but will also be able to make calls by itself. The Gear Solo name may be changed.

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source: patentlyapple