Samsung’s long awaited flexible smartphone screen is set to debut at 2013 CES in Las Vegas, Navada. Bigger and better, the display has not been developed not only for smartphones, but for televisions, too.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Consumer Electronics Show that is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada until this Friday, the 11th. As always, tech enthusiasts everywhere are chomping at the bit in anticipation of all of the new and useful concept models and products that will be shown and announced over the next few days.

SamsungAs Samsung gears up for their part in CES their daughter company, Samsung Display, gets ready for one of the most exciting and anticipated demos of the show. Samsung Display will be demonstrating their brainchild, a 5.5 inch flexible smartphone screen and a 55 inch TV sized display as well.

As owners of shattered phone displays everywhere rejoice, it is clear that the biggest benefit of the new technology will be the durability aspect. Even though the idea of having a completely flexible phone display sounds incredible, there is still no news on when such technology will be implemented and marketed to the public. There have been rumors that the next generation Samsung Galaxy will have the new flexible display, however, these rumors are unsubstantiated.

The demo screen that will be on display at CES will sport 1,280×720-pixel HD resolution and a 267 pixel density. This isn’t the first time that Samsung has shown its flexible screen technology, though. In 2011, Samsung Display demonstrated a smaller 4.4 inch screen. Samsung fans everywhere are excited to see what progress has been made over the last year and, of course, to know when the new technology will be made available for the public market.

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