samsung galaxy s4

In order to give people a good understanding of their new phone, Samsung has released an Intro to Galaxy S4 video

Samsung has released a four minute video detailing the all of the main features and new aspects of design present in the Galaxy S4.  While there have been tons and tons of Galaxy S4 articles since Samsung’s event on Thursday, this video gives you almost everything you need to know about the phone.  The video, titled Introducing Samsung Galaxy S4, is a relatively short but informative marketing video designed to show viewers the core benefits of the phone and show why it is different from the Galaxy S3.

The entire first minute is meant to highlight the design of the phone while the rest of the video gives a nice overview of features such as Air View, Samsung Smart Pause, and Optical Reader.  They also chose to show the sensitivity of the S4’s screen by having someone use the device while wearing gloves, it might sound like a dumb feature, but try using a smartphone outside in the cold with gloves, it is far from easy!

Another cool feature detailed in the video is Group Play: Share Music which allows you to use multiple phones as speakers to enhance your music’s sound (while giving some nice graphics to go along with it.)  Group Play will enhance more than just music though, with Group Play you can also do things such as play games with other Galaxy users.

The camera is a big part of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and this video stressed that once again.  With features such as Sound and Shot (adds audio to your pictures,) Cinema Photo and Dual Shot, Samsung is looking to enhance the usefulness of phone cameras.  There are many more features detailed throughout the Introduction video, so make sure to check out the full video below!


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