Samsung Galaxy S7

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 reveals some interesting new features, but have they really set it apart from the Galaxy S6 and positioned themselves to compete with the iPhone?

Samsung Galaxy S7

The maybe not so surprising surprise about the Galaxy S7.

Oh how cool it is to be Apple. Even tech giants like Samsung want to be you.

Stubbornly over the years Samsung has had a track record of going their own way when it comes to smartphones, always trying to innovate the next big thing, except for that time they lost a big lawsuit to Apple for making an identical phone.

Perhaps they have figured out a balancing act after some surprising flip flops. It seems the Galaxy S7 will look a lot like the Galaxy S6, according to Tech Times, but have improvements in function. This almost exactly mirrors what Apple does, holding off major design changes for a couple, or few, models but beefing up the engine, as it were. Welcome to the party Samsung, it’s a logical step.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 that might have been, a beautiful concept markup.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 that might have been, a beautiful concept markup.

But there’s a problem.

These under the hood changes are not what the Galaxy S7 needs. The image quality and processing speed are already top notch, and the Exynos 7420 chipset outpaces competitors by a hefty margin.

The problem is: a lot of people do not like the body.

The glass back just doesn’t work for many people’s tastes. People complained it slipped out of their hands in cold weather and got sticky in hot weather, not good. Coupled with this, it lost expandable storage and a removable battery.

So what’s the good news?

There is some, most notably the Galaxy S7 is projected to undercut the iPhone in cost, mainly due to the internal changes lowering production costs. It will probably be cheaper than the Galaxy S6 was when it launched.

In Summary

Samsung needs to listen to their customers. They also need to do what they do well, provide top notch software and high end specs. The iPhone continues to set the pace and act as the benchmark. Why? They understand that people want the right look, feel, and performance in their smartphones, and Apple knows how to provide it. It appears Samsung is still playing catch up, no matter what the Galaxy S7 can do.

h/t: TechTimes