There is an existing injunction blocking sales of the Galaxy Tab in the US because Samsung rips off the iPad. Just last week Apple just won a $1 billion patent judgement against the Korean consumer electronics giant, which could result in a slew of Samsung devices getting banned. Has any of this chastened them? Nope — Apple vs. Samsung forever!

Even the most dull witted, Apple-hating fandroid will confess the Samsung Galaxy S is a pretty damned close copy of the iPhone, both inside and out. Ditto that for Samsung’s retail stores, which bear more than a passing resemblance to the Apple Store.

There are, of course, other examples, but the latest offense to get the internet’s collective knickers in a twist is Samsung’s S-Launcher, which — hey — looks quite a bit like the Dock in Apple’s Mac OS X (image above).

“The problem is that the S-Launcher works exactly the same as Mac OS X Dock,” writes “Users can drag-and-drop their Windows apps as a shortcuts to S-Launcher, and tossing them off when they are not needed.”

The similarities are more than just functional as Samsung has copied the OS X Dock’s app icon reflections, translucence and shadowing.


That said, although it hasn’t formally shipped yet, Windows 8 has been variously described as a disaster and a steaming pile of Microsoft a la Vista, and S-Launcher is part of Samsung’s skin for the operating system, a skin designed to save Windows 8 from itself.

How’s that gonna work out? Apple vs. Samsung forever, baby! Sigh…

What’s your take?

  1. You mean it has the same functions as the task bar that Windows has had for more than a decade. Also other companies have been adding their own docking software for years when they didn’t even need to, bloatware… but this looks a little more useful than usual since Microsoft made the decision to remove the Start button.

  2. my take is SONY. the true inovators, not just army of lawyers stealing others ideas and registering them as their own. Go SAMSUNG, Go GOOGLE!

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