Samsung's Innovation Museum Celebrates 45 Years Of Samsung

Samsung has opened an Innovation Museum in Suwon, South Korea in order to celebrate its 45th anniversary. Though you’d expect the museum to be focused entirely on how great Samsung is and how far it has come, the museum–which is present in a three-story building–actually provides a more general overview of how Samsung and its competitors got to where they are.

Samsung's Innovation Museum Celebrates 45 Years Of SamsungIn the museum, visitors are able to see the Age of Inventors, Age of Industry Innovation, and the Age of Creation, all of which focus on slightly different technologies but can be tied back to Samsung.

The Age of Industry is about invention in general and deals with the well-known pioneers like Thomas Edison. Moving forward in history, the Age of Industry Innovation shows how Samsung’s sectors have changed over time with exhibits that show technologies from it and other companies. Lastly, the Age of Creation is about the future and in particular, Samsung Smart Home, the company’s home automation business.

Rather than only shining a light on Samsung’s interesting changes through the years, the Innovation Museum puts Samsung and all of its competitors in context. However it should be noted that you’d be hard-pressed to find any inventions from the company’s direct competitors.

In total, there are 150 inventions at the Innovation Museum and while many of them are Samsung’s, other companies are definitely present.

Most of you won’t actually be able to visit the Innovation Museum but if you happen to be in South Korea–where Samsung’s primary headquarters is located–you can check out the exhibits for yourselves.

The museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday. Weekday visits require appointments, which you can register for HERE. However, if you are visiting the museum on the weekend, you can go right in without signing up before hand.

Question – If you could, would you make a trip to see Samsung’s Innovation Museum?


Summary: Samsung has opened its Innovation Museum in South Korea near the company’s 45th anniversary. The Museum features inventions from multiple companies, though there is an obvious focus on Samsung itself, given its interest in bolstering an innovating image for itself.

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