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Easter is here, and we all know what that means. ZOMBIES.

But all is not lost, Bunny the Zombie Slayer is here to protect the innocent children from wave after wave of brain-hungry zombies. Armed with nothing but a big ol’ basket of explosive egg grenades, it’s your job to save Easter in this new iPhone title from Hothead Games.

After a quick egg-throwing tutorial you’re ready to go. The zombies come in waves, one or two to start, but then more and more until you and your keep are finally over-run. Eggs are your only defense, and are fired by tapping on the screen after adjusting the trajectory of the shot.

It takes several shots to take out a zombie, with eggs lopping off arms and legs, while head-shots are instant kills. Even without a body, the head will still creep it’s way toward you, eager to ruin your day. If the zombies make it close to your ‘line’, the game slows down and zooms in giving you one last final chance to stop the attacker. If you fail – Easter’s Over! But fear not, after a few seconds of eager brain-gazing, the zombies opt to steal the children’s chocolate eggs instead.

Bunny the Zombie Slayer is a gorgeous game, with distinctive cartoon-graphics that bring to mind the similar style of Plants vs Zombies. The gameplay itself is challenging, but unfortunately there aren’t any bonus modes, online leaderboards or achievements to unlock to give this title some much-needed replayability. That said, it’s still easily amongst the best Easter games going, and one that’s suitable for the whole family.