Scuba Calendar

Scuba Diving is one of the most interesting and fun things a person can do. The opportunity to do so may not be many so it’s important to get it right. Scuba Calendar, an app for the iPhone serves the very same purpose; it’ll help you make your outing as memorable as it can get.

The app helps you plan your scuba diving outing based on the time of the year so that you don’t get stuck in a storm or something else. Hey, who likes to be a spoilsport? Nobody. The app also takes into consideration the type of marine life you’d like to see to help you plan accordingly.

The service also informs the users about the ways in which they can help conserve the marine life. As thousands of people flock to the beaches and also specifically for scuba diving, the marine life is damaged quite drastically. Scuba Calendar teaches its users the practices of citizen science.

However, the main focus of the app still remains: planning the best scuba diving experience. Therefore, along with the amazing sport comes few niceties right. So, the app also has features like search for animals and the database spans over 400 locations across 70 countries with information on more than 30 animals.

Scuba divers can:

  • Find where and when to find your favorite animal
  • Browse applicable regulations and practical information about your selected country
  • Log your sightings on a map
  • Report environmental issues at dive sites
  • Check what other divers are reporting from around the world, or filter by country, wildlife or time of year
  • Help in creating a massive database of sightings
  • Improve your animal knowledge in a fun way

Scientists can:

  • Take advantage of the database of sightings created by recreational divers for your research and conservation efforts (to determine migratory routes, population sizes, reproductive ecology, etc.)
  • Use uploaded photos of animals to identify exact individuals in your databases
  • Follow reports of the environmental status of a dive site to track changes in sea conditions and the consequences for marine life
  • Encourage citizen science by sharing specific information about animals and guiding scuba divers to correctly identify the species they have seen

Scuba travel agencies can:

  • Instantly offer clients suggestions on when and where to go
  • Get access to trustworthy data about animal sightings to plan the perfect itinerary
  • Keep clients up to date with actual sightings in an area
  • Become a leader in sustainable tourism by following and recommending tips for sustainable diving

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