Business Cash Advance Program

Start-ups have become the new normal with incubation centers coming up all over the world. However, not all the entrepreneurs get the opportunity to work on their crazy, world-changing idea as the VCs and the incubation centers can be very selective about their choice. The intake percentage is very low compared to the people trying to build their own companies.

VCs are not always required, if you’ve got the money, you can start off but if you don’t, one option would be to take a loan. Nonetheless, the process could get tricky as banks require a good credit and in most cases also require personal guarantee. Furthermore, the chances of the loan actually being accepted are very low.

SearchLites, a capital funding group stands out from the pack (the usual VCs). It makes the process of getting a loan effortless but honestly, we all know that whatever comes easy tends to bring some issues along with it. However, SearchLites is not the usual bloat found on social networks like Facebook, trying to rip people off their assets.

The group offers a business cash advance program which is designed specifically for the growing needs of the market today. With the economy growing at a rapid pace, SearchLite’s programs offers support to small and mid-sized businesses which are usually disapproved by banks for loans.

The tech industry is evolving everyday, entrepreneurs have to fight for their survival and the picture in Silicon Valley is especially bad. In the technology sector, once the work is up and running, and for example, a lot of people start using your service, the server could crash and to fix that, a much larger server is required. In these cases, the company usually goes down or banks/VCs rip off the entrepreneurs.

SearchLites program approves loans within 24 hours and the approval rate at present stands at 98%.  The program can help you from going bankrupt, and can offer extra life support for a minimum of six months, in which you could get you business up and running again.