Secrets to Succeeding in a Washington Real Estate License Course

If you are planning to apply for a real estate license in Washington to practice as a broker or salesperson, then you must complete a 90-hour course as one of the requirements. Most real estate schools in the state give applicants up to six months to complete the course. However, you can plan better to complete the Washington real estate license course successfully at your own pace.

The biggest secret to succeeding in a Washington real estate license course is to attend any of the certified real estate schools in Washington. However, we will elaborate on this more to give you all the secrets you need to succeed.

Consider Taking the Washington Real Estate License Course Online

Online real estate classes are undoubtedly convenient. You can learn alongside other activities such as working or taking care of a family. Most online real estate courses in Washington offer recorded classes and written notes that you can access at any time. Therefore, look at the course outline and plan your study schedule to complete everything on time. If you have taken online classes, you probably know how convenient they are.

Enroll in a Reliable School

If you have decided to take your 90-hour Washington real estate license course online, then look for the best schools on the web. All reputable schools are certified by the State of Washington Department of State and offer all the recommended units in the course.

There is no harm in comparing different schools and their packages. You will notice that schools offer other resources that can help you prepare for the state exam on top of adding to your real estate knowledge.

Pay for the Appropriate Package

As you pick your Washington real estate course, it is good to pay for a package that meets your needs. This important site offers different packages, all of which have the recommended Washington real estate license course, but they differ in terms of other learning materials.

Regardless of the online school you choose, pay for an appropriate package that will add value to your real estate knowledge and fit into your budget. It is easy to make the payments online.

Create a Reasonable Learning Schedule for Your Washington Real Estate License Course

After settling on the course and having a look at the proposed course outline, create time for the classes. It is best to stick to the proposed learning plan, but you can change this depending on your other schedules.

Ensure that the time you create to complete the Washington state real estate license course is within the timeline given by the school before the course expires.

Take Advantage of Other Real Estate Resources

The Washington real estate license course is straightforward because it is guided by the state requirements. However, there are many other resources that can help to give you more knowledge on the industry. For instance, there are popular books about real estate or videos that discuss the current and trending matters in the industry.


You can succeed in completing a real estate course in Washington state with the above tips. Furthermore, an expert in the industry can also walk you through the journey. As a newbie, take notes and do the necessary to succeed. All the best.