After much ado and months of hype, Seesmic has finally made its way onto the iPhone and it just so happens to be the Lifehacker of all our time consuming social networks. Created as a one stop aggregator of social networks, this app brings everything onto one easy to use dashboard.

Graphically minimalist and absolutely intuitive, Seesmic allows users to connect to Facebook, Twitter, and (as well as track Twitter lists and trending topics) as if they were pages spread out on a blank slate. Click on the plus sign to enter your account information and within seconds you’ll find yourself following friends’ updates and keeping up with the latest developments in the topics that interest you the most. While Facebook and Twitter function most easily on Seesmic, allows users to also update everything from Tumblr to GTalk and LinkedIn in one shot if they choose.

If you need a way to stay up to date with the people and topics that are most important in a general sense, Seesmic is infallible. It lacks the robustness of other apps though, and when it comes to photo stalking or having address book contacts pop up when you’re writing @replies on Twitter everything gets harry and it might be easier to jump away from Seesmic to something with more features.

Integration with Evernote and the ability to email out interesting found tidbits are also great features but I wish we could have seen additional capabilities with other common programs like Instapaper and ReadItLater. Seesmic seems very interested in hearing user feedback through their @askseesmic account so it seems natural that the app will only get better.

Bottom Line: As it stands there’s no doubt Seesmic will make an impression in the mobile social media space. It was made to help users manage their social networks with ease and it does just that. Now we’re interested to see how it fares against the recently released Twitter app. 8/10