An image of Tesla's Self Driving Car

Self driving cars may be dangerous for some of the people, but this tech is growing very fast. Every day there is some new development and improvement in this filed.
Let us have a look at the possibilities, facilities, and other related things.

Self driving cars

The idea behind self driving cars is that there will an AI system installed on the car which will control it.

Artificial Intelligence system present on the car must be responsive and intelligent enough to identify obstacles.

As the complete control will be given to the car, it will take advantage of maps and reach its destination.

How do self driving cars work?

The work of the self-driving car may seem to be simple for the end user, but there is a lot of things being done mn the car.

The car makes use of software installed on it, which is an AI software. There is a bunch of cameras which helps the car to see obstacles and other things.

LASERs and other sensors help the car to better identify obstacles, whether it is a jump, speed breaker or a human.

GPS system helps the car to reach its destination. It man that the GPS signal strength should be good enough.

Which companies are makingĀ self driving cars?

Well, there are many big tech giants involved in this field. Names like Google, Uber, and Tesla are well known for there in this field.

Apple is also coming in the market. Recently, Apple car demo was shown. The car was driving without any driver.

Are self driving cars safe?

Well, as of now, no one can say that the tech is safe. A lot of improvements in the field of AI have to be done to make it completely safe for the end user.

Companies like Google are well known for AI work, so we can expect driverless cars in coming years.

We hope that the self-driving car’s technology will be safe for humanity and no harm will be done.