Price:  Free     Score: 9/10    Category: Lifestyle

Selloby is Park LLC”s  alternative to Craigslist, a mobile classified page with a  social networking aspect;  Park LLC refers to it as a “life sharing” app.  You can use it buy or sell, to rent or hire, to find a date, or to make trades.

The principle of Selloby is that, unlike similar internet options, you can do everything on your iPhone using Selloby.  You take the photo of the item you want to sell or trade, using your iPhone, and then using Selloby attach it to your description.  With the Selloby app and your iPhone connection, you will be able to immediate upload your information into the Selloby database without having to log in and out of multiple devices or programs.  Selloby also gives you suggestions for a price, if you don”t have one in mind, keeping you from having to research a price online.


Selloby works smoothly and intuitively.  Using the hash-tags and categories, it is easy to set up a sell or trade.  You can also IM a prospective buyer/seller, making best online casino all the transactions happen quickly.  In addition, you can add your Facebook or Twitter accounts to your Selloby account.

Selloby looks good, too.  It”s nicely organized and cleanly designed. In addition, there is also an excellent demo video that explains and describes the purpose of the app.


Bottom line: If you live in a city with a tech savvy people that will use an app like Selloby, this will be a fantastic tool.  If not, it may not be useful, but will still provide entertainment browsing what”s available in other towns.

Selloby is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later


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