What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving a website to increase the rankings on a search engine, in order to grow web visits and revenue. SEO has the potential to make any business consistent money throughout the financial year regardless of trends or industry peaks. The main aspects of an SEO campaign are the On-site and Off-Site elements, within these elements you have key errors that must be nurtured for the best results in search.

On-site SEO consists of a few broad elements such as technical SEO and content marketing. These two areas cover a large part of a client’s strategy and can make or break how successful a campaign can be. The other half of SEO is Off-site which consists of link acquisition or link building. Also known as a back-link or inbound link, these are valuable for SEO as they represent a vote of confidence from one site to another. These signals show to a search engine that others vouch for your content and find it useful or beneficial to a reader.

Be wary of building links through poor websites though, Google punishes sites who build links through un-natural or unrelated websites. Every website has a domain authority (DA). The DA for your website is calculated by taking into account various factors, such as your current back-link profile, your content and root domains. If you secure links off high DA websites, this in turn will help to increase your DA and therefore improve your SEO.

SEO Leeds

With their head SEO offices based in Leeds 15, Wildfire Marketing are in a prime location to deliver SEO services to companies in Leeds and have been for the past 3 years. Wildfire Marketing’s extensive client base is heavily focussed in Leeds and the surrounding areas and this allows them to arrange local progress meetings and plan their marketing strategy over a coffee as oppose to many other SEO companies who choose to discuss SEO strategy via Skype, without ever meeting their clients in person. Wildfire Marketing believe face to face meetings are essential to understanding a business’s requirements online and to tailor SEO keywords that are appropriate to their audience, after carrying out in depth keyword research. When Wildfire engage a new client, finding out everything about their business is essential and this personal approach has seen local businesses in Leeds really buy into the Wildfire Marketing philosophy.

Who are Wildfire

Marketing Wildfire Marketing was set up in September 2016 by Billy Foulkes and Neal Foster. The business plan was plotted out on Neal’s kitchen table and since that day, Wildfire Marketing have gone from strength to strength, quickly becoming a full service digital marketing agency.

Wildfire have had 4 office upgrades, each time having to move due to new staff joining the team. In early 2019, Wildfire Marketing achieved one of its long term goals. They took number 1 spot on Google for the search term ‘SEO Leeds’. This has helped to increase high quality leads, with around 900 potential customers carrying out this search monthly. Surprisingly, this has not been Wildfire Marketing’s biggest source of new clients though. The biggest source is word of mouth referrals due to the highly recommend status of Wildfire Marketing within their client base.

The Wildfire team

There are now 7 team members at Wildfire Marketing, including SEO Manager, Andre Hughes, who has previous experience working for the largest SEO Agency in the country. Adam Newsome also joined the team in 2019, increasing Wildfire Marketing’s web design output. Wildfire Marketing have also invested in two apprentices in 2019, looking to secure the long term future of the company.

If you’re interested in speaking to Wildfire Marketing about their SEO Leeds service, you can email them at ignite@wild-fire.co.uk or call them on 0113 251 5004

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