Seven Ways to Make your Home Colorful Without Painting the Walls

Growing bored of your dull interior? Then why not add a dash of color to brighten it up? And by that, we don’t mean home painting alone. Lookup for eclectic and bold options like patterned wallpapers, colored cushions, or even vintage textiles. These little touches will go a long way to jazz up your room. Check out some of our favorite ways below to make the house colorful without painting the walls.

Quick and Colorful Ideas to Upgrade your Home

These ideas can pull together your home décor, and add color in unexpected areas. Take a look.

1. Vintage Textiles

If you love a vintage backdrop, introduce color to your space with textiles. Whether you love large-scale pieces such as tapestries, rugs, quilts, or artisan weaves or lightweight options such as hand-dyed batik or vibrant saris, these options will add drama to your walls. Neutral painted walls will be ideal for allowing your vintage textiles to take center stage. You may hang any of these pieces using a mounting board and sealing tape suitable with the weight of the textile.

2. Patterned Wallpaper

Updating your bedroom, living room, and bathroom using wallpaper is a simple way to transform the house. Mix and match the wallpaper designs for impact. There are many types of wallpaper available in soothing colors and pretty patterns. To add an eclectic feel to the wall, hang patterned wallpaper, preferably in an art grouping or go for bold colors and designs for a lively effect. You can look up for geometric patterned or tropical designed wallpapers online, or at stores, or use leftover scraps from home, or look for vintage pieces at flea markets.

3. Shelves

Your interior space can be classy and formal, or cozy and bohemian, and stylish options like statement furniture, fireplace, or curtains keep things interesting. Similarly, hanging shelves on the wall will speak volumes. Shelving is a great idea because it will serve as a dual-purpose; be it for decoration or storage purpose. Whether you wish to put your favorite books on display or inspire your own gardening retreat, wall shelves will serve this purpose. Also, putting these storage options will free you from home painting or repainting your walls.

4. Indoor Plants

Seek advice from any design professional and they’ll tell that indoor plants are a great idea for your home. Apart from improving air quality, reducing stress, plants will also freshen up your space. The best house plants can inject the right dose of intrigue. They are organic, free-form, yet sculptural to brighten up your space. Move the plants from one corner to another and see what works. You may also try it on table settings or window sills to add to your design scheme.

5. Colored Cushions

In any space, you want to make a personal statement. Interpreting from work of art, this style is best represented on cushions. Throwing on some cushions will add refinement to any room. You may weave the sitting area together by layering up cozy cushions in different accents. Or, look out for rich and handwoven textiles in vibrant pigments. Also, other detailing aspects of cushions such as tassels, pom-poms, and macramé add life to the room.

6. Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect when you’re looking to decorate a room. It may be considered a design cliché, but it is truly everything. Good lighting has an effect on the mood and ambiance of space if done right. In fact, adding more than one lighting source in a room is a good idea-think pendant lights or layered illumination. You may also consider a great mix of lighting, including task lights, accent, and overhead lights in lovely hues to add color in every room.  

7. Statement Furniture

Because there’s always room for the most polished furniture in any home and if you love a statement piece, there’s no reason why it won’t work. Single furniture like an ottoman or wooden chair in a saturated pattern will be a great idea. Or if you want a larger statement maker, try dining chairs in vibrant colors. Other options like bedside tables, recliners, study tables, in bright hues will also make for a colorful update.

Once you decide on the best options to make your home colorful, you can take the time to choose the best paintings for home to ensure everything blends perfectly. Choosing to contact home painting services in Bangalore will ensure that your paint looks polished and leave the room with zero mess.