Should You Choose to Study the MBA-ACCA Pathway?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a professional & global body that offers the Chartered Certified Account qualification. An ACCA course will also provide you expert knowledge in subjects such as taxation, auditing, law, financial management, etc. On the other hand, an MBA is an esteemed degree in the business sector.

A combination of MBA finance and ACCA programs will give you management and leadership skills on top of your expert accounting skills. It is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an exceptional career in accounting and finance. The dual degree is sure to ensure good career prospects with rewarding earning potentials. 

Are you a candidate interested in making a career in accounting and business administration? Check out some MBA ACCA pathway course options offered by some premier institutes to know more. 

Who is this Course Best Suited for?

An MBA ACCA pathway option is mainly designed for ACCA students, members, and affiliates who aspire to be at the top of the finance and accounting knowledge alongside earning a global business degree. 

On accomplishing the degree curriculum, you will enter the workforce with two internationally accredited qualifications.

What are the Benefits of Doing an MBA + ACCA Pathway Program?

Here are some pros to consider –

  1. An ACCA is an international certification on accounting expertise, while an MBA is a highly accredited business degree. These two are global degrees for you.
  2. The skills you learn from ACCA (banking, law, auditing, etc.) and MBA (administration, leadership, management, etc.) will open a world of opportunities before you, making you attractive to employers.
  3. These are mostly simultaneous learning programs, and different courses are designed to achieve both degrees simultaneously.
  4. This qualification will offer more leverage to your job applications to senior positions in the business world. 

Some institutes comply with various modes of offering the courses. Students who have finished an ACCA accredited undergraduate degree course can directly enroll for MBA.

While, in some cases, students who are currently enrolled but pursuing an MBA are allowed to write their ACCA tests independently and more.

What are the Job Prospects with an MBA and ACCA Course?

  •  An ACCA provides you a global expertise badge about accounting. With ACCA, you will also be adept in banking, law, consulting, etc. 
  •  With an MBA, you will gain a perception of how to steer a business in the right direction. Skills like strategic management, problem-solving, and making the right judgments will increase your prospects in management, directorial, and leadership roles.

Besides all the above reasons, this learning experience will be crucial in your career success. Enroll today to earn the right degree for your dream career.