Web Redesign

Websites are growing to be a significant part of your business’ identity or brand. Without a way to showcase what you or your business offers, who the members of your team are, and what your vision is, you can’t compete against the competition. The same rule applies to websites that feature stale designs and outdated information. If you feel that your webpages are lacking something or aren’t effective, then you should look for the following 5 signs to tell if your website needs redesigning:

  1. No longer reflects your vision

Everything changes, even your business. Just as marketing and branding strategies have transitioned throughout the years, so too has your vision and priorities. Therefore, you can’t expect the website you made a decade ago to function properly now. Nor can you expect what was written several years ago to clearly depict where you presently are. If you haven’t rebranded in a while, now would be the time.

  1. Bad or broken design

Any website that hasn’t been updated in the past 4-5 years is considered ancient. Yes, 4 years might not be that long ago, but technology has come a long way since then. So, too, has SEO practices. By keeping your website up-to-date and fixing any elements that are broken or look kitschy, you are ensuring those who visit the site that your business is currently operating, professional, and proactive.

Also, if your website looks horrendous on a mobile platform, that will definitely bog you down. Nowadays, more people are accessing websites from mobile devices instead of PCs and laptops. This means you should prioritize the mobile compatible version, ensuring responsiveness.

  1. Unresponsive or slow

Nothing is more agitating than a website that doesn’t load quickly, has problems loading image, slows down mid-scroll, or has buttons that are frustratingly too small or too large to use. No one wants to have to deal with incompatible, unresponsive websites. Do what you can to optimize load speeds and make sure that everything functions as it should, without hindering potential customers in any way.

  1. Poor conversion rate

One reason you need a website is to generate leads. As such, the next time you visit your Google Analytics page and it shows that traffic and conversion is dropping or has hit an all time low, you’ve just encountered one of the most blatant signs your website needs a redesign.

  1. Not ranked

There’s trillions of web pages out there. If your website isn’t ranked amongst the top search results for your specific niche, you’re doing something wrong. The biggest threat to your ranking is a website that is old, not SEO-friendly, and unresponsive. In other words, if your website isn’t appearing in the SERPs, you need a redesign.


User experience should be the main focus of your website, meaning you need to keep up with what is considered intuitive and modern. That means having a functional, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly website. Once you update everything, streamline the design, and get some quality content, not only will your website attract more potential customers, you will find that your conversion rate begins to rise as well.