Sir Octopus iPhone Game

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Sir Octopus is an iPhone game developed by Sergii Orlov/Wooden Sword Games. In this engaging puzzle game, you must help the dapper Sir Octopus retrieve his wayward children.

The story of Sir Octopus unfolds through comic book-style panels that depict Sir Octopus and his family in their lavish, Victorian-style home. There are three level packs you’ll need to master in order to help Sir Octopus gather up his kids, who are hiding.

Sir Octopus iPhone GameSir Octopus iPhone Game

The controls are quite simple: swipe with your pointer finger to move Sir Octopus around the level. Once you “bump” into an octo-kid they are attached to you permanently. Grab all the kids to finish the level.

Without question, the graphics for Sir Octopus are stunning. The combination of 2D puzzle level design and brightly colored characters gives the game an almost SNES look in some instances.

I wouldn’t describe the graphics as “retro,” but the game does manage to bring the warm fuzzies of nostalgia to players who love old console games and early handheld games. The graphics manage to be both attractive and whimsical at the same time.

Sir Octopus iPhone Game

Perfectly complementing these graphics is the jazzy, classy soundtrack. I almost never play iPhone games with the sound up, partially because I don’t want to be disruptive but mostly because most iPhone game music is awful. The Sir Octopus themes, however, are toe-tappingly delightful!

Some of the early levels do seem a bit elementary, but the game ratchets up the intensity fairly quickly. One thing that’s nice is the selection of undo buttons: you can re-start the level if you screw up, or just undo your last few sets of moves to try a new strategy.

Featuring 69 levels packed with 2D puzzles, Sir Octopus is a wonderful game. Perfect for both kids and adult players, the challenging level design and cute graphics combine to make a really stunning game for your iPad or iPhone.

Sir Octopus is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

  1. This game is fun and the graphics are great, but I was surprised at how quickly it got difficult. As you said, the first few levels were easy, too easy even, but it very quickly ramped up. From looking at the popular in-app purchases, it looks like you don’t need to pay for the new levels, but I didn’t get far enough to unlock them on my first run through. That said, it gives you 3 hints to use for free which is a nice touch for the trickier levels. Fun game overall, thanks Tucker.

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