Skype Mobile App Downloaded On More Than 1 Billion Smartphones

Skype has officially announced and thanked every user proudly on their blog for having more than 1 billion Skype downloads on smartphones. It has taken Skype a total of 7 years to hit 1 billion downloads after the application was available on Apple’s iTune App store. For Android devices, Skype App was available on Google Play store for download in October 2010.

Skype has worked hard to provide its users the best quality for voice calls, video calls & group calls on mobile phones. Therefore, it hasn’t been easy to such a large amount of downloads on smartphones. One billion downloads is a big achievement. Skype has said to keep the App up to date in order to receive better quality calls.

What is so special about the Skype Mobile App?

The Skype App by developed by Microsoft has changed the world on how people can communicate with each other via smartphones, laptops, and personal computers. Skype has provided its user’s high-quality voice calls and video calls. Many businesses use Skype for meetings and interviews all over the world.

Problems faced on Skype App in the past

Many problems have come up with the Skype App in the last few years. Back in 2014, the App was eating a lot of battery on Android. Therefore, Skype had to update its App for all Android devices. In 2013, Skype had to update its App for all Windows 8 users due to the old update gaining contact blocking.

Skype is looking forward to the next billion downloads for its App on smartphones. It won’t be long for the next billion downloads due to the App being one of the world’s best voice and video calling App.

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