No matter where you live, a flat, a semi-detached, a terraced house or even a castle, you want to feel secure in your own home. Breaks-ins, damage and stolen property are the stuff of nightmares. That’s why having the most secure locks you can is always a good idea. Traditionally, locking your home has meant carrying keys around and having the potential to lose them; this is no longer the case.

People have become used to the idea of smart locks for their car, and now they are beginning to do the same with smart locks for their home. Specialist companies, such as provide access to an online world of smart lock options, for people who want to make the most of technology to help keep both them and their property secure.

What is a smart door lock?

A smart lock makes use of the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology on your smartphone to enable you to lock your home securely and gain easy access through unlocking. There are several choices of smart lock available, including those that still provide for the use of a key if required, and those that are completely keyless. In a world where the vast majority of us use iPhones or Android based smartphones on a daily basis, it makes sense that we should utilise all of their potential, including that which exists outside of the worlds of communication and entertainment.

Why is using smart door locks a good idea?

Obviously, as more and more of the population rely on smartphones every day, using them to unlock your property seems to be a logical progression. But what are the advantages of using your iPhone or Android phone to lock and unlock your doors, as opposed to a traditional key?

  • You don’t have to worry about losing your key and getting locked out, which generally results in either paying out for a locksmith, or getting caught by the police trying to climb in your own bedroom window.
  • You don’t have to worry about risking leaving a key somewhere on the premises to try and avoid locksmith’s fees or embarrassing run-ins with the law.
  • Depending on the system you use, you can give temporary access to friends and relatives, simply by texting them a code.
  • You can get details when someone accesses your home.
  • With some systems you can get a picture of someone accessing your home.

You can see straight away that that there are many advantages to using smart locks on your home. Some locks don’t even require you to take the phone out of your pocket or bag. This can be especially useful at the end of a night out, or if you’re getting drenched in the rain. Traditional keys are not a thing of the past just yet, but as smart locks continue to increase in popularity, soon many people will be using their smartphone for home security, as well as entertainment and communication.