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Songify is a free song-making app from the Gregory Brothers, the creators of the “AutoTune the News” series, as well as creators of the viral video hit “Double Rainbow Song”. As you might expect, Songify’s takes your words and turn them into a funny song, using an in-built Autotuner.

One thing I did not expect is both how simple and fun Songify can be, either alone, or with a few friends. The mechanic of the app is quite simple. Once you load it up there is a large button, below the words “tap to record”. Once you tap the button, the app begins recording and you speak into your phone”s mic. You can stop recording whenever you casino are done speaking, and the app will turn your spoken words dgfev online casino into a song! Once casino online the song is created, you can save it, or share it via Facebook, email, Twitter, or using the app”s own sharing feature called “Winning!”

The built in “Winning!” section is clearly the biggest value add-in, and gives you the most longevity in the app. Here, you can listen to other user submissions and rate them. Unfortunately, like any user generated best online casino content, it can be very hit or miss.

Overall there is mobile casino casino online very little depth here, allowing you only 3 song styles to choose dgfev online casino from in the free version. The song styles are fun for a while, but you will get tired of it fairly soon. You do have the option of expanding your song styles, with three more single styles, and three style packs to be purchased, each for $0.99. Whether or not more song styles will be added remains to be seen, though it is worth mentioning that with each song pack, you have the option to sample them before buying them.

My only real complaint about Songify, aside from the micro transaction element of song expansion, is that the user interface is very basic and not well explained. There are only four buttons to choose from, but it would be a small and appreciated tweak if each button were more clear in its function. If you’re looking for some cheap fun, definitely download Songify.

Songify is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and second generation or newer iPod Touch.

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