Playstation 4 Rumor

Rumors that the next-gen consoles like Playstation 4 and the xbox 720 will be blocking used games have been floating around for quite some time. Despite assurances from retail companies like Gamestop, which derives majority of its business from the sale of used games, that this is unlikely, it’s just something that won’t go away. Now, we’ve got word that it may actually be a reality and it could be heading to your Playstation 4.

Playstation 4 Rumor


Sony has apparently filed a patent for an “electronic content processing system” that is able to detect previously played discs and can prevent them from being used again. Gamerant, citing patent papers, gives more details about the technology:

“When the game is to be played, the reproduction device conveys the disc ID and a player ID to the use permission tag. The use permission tag stores the terms of use of the game and determines whether a combination of the disc ID and the player ID conveyed from the reproduction device fulfills the terms of use or not.”

The system isn’t designed to block used games outright. In fact, Sony says that it’s flexible in the sense that it can allow temporary access to a game, limit the number of uses on a disc or even serve as some sort of automated online-pass scanner.

It is also worth mentioning that nowhere in the patent documents was it specified that this would be used with the Playstation 4. In fact, no mention of the next or current-gen consoles is made in the document. Gamerant notes that “occasionally, manufacturers in every industry seek out patents as insurance. Whether or not Sony’s device goes (or has gone) from concept to console isn’t a certainty; the option, as far anyone can tell, is merely on the table.”

So will Sony be using this technology with the Playstation 4? We’ll all just have to wait and see.

How do you feel about the possibility of not being able to play used games on your Playstation 4? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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