Sony Odin

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 about to get another challenger from Sony? According to rumors, the Japanese company is now busy working on a phablet that’s named after the one-eyed ruler of Asgard and Thor’s dad — Odin.

Sony Odin

The success of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the high interest in the HTC DLX just goes to show that phablets could be the next big thing.  Sony seems to think so because for 2013, rumors suggest that their flagship device will be a phablet called the Sony Odin. Not only that, it will come in two variants — a 5-inch and a 6-inch model.

Reports reveal that Sony’s new device(s) will be under model numbers C6502, C6503, c6506. This suggests that we may see regional or carrier variants. One of those model numbers may also be the designation for the bigger 6-inch device.

Word is that Sony will be doing their device’s namesake justice by making sure that the Sony Odin is fit for a god. The phablet will have a a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor, 1080p display and 2 GB RAM. With these specs, it could easily give the HTC DLX a run for its money and the 6-inch version will dwarf the already huge Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Will the Sony Odin be the device to dethrone the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Is a 6-inch phone too big or is Sony’s plan to add another half inch a stroke of genius? Discuss in the comments below!


  1. As an older person I will upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the 6 inch Sony Odin. At my age visibility is critically important and the larger the display the better. Since I carry a shoulder bag to fit my iPad, large travel wallet, etc. it already has a pocket that will fit a 6 inch phablet.

  2. I was expecting a 6 inch phablet lol I think that should be the max. with laptop fading away, tablets emerging with phones. Phablet should be the future. I would love to type an essay on my phone lol

  3. Awesome, I’m hoping phablets get up to 7″ – That would be just about perfect for my use and still fit in my pocket.

    On a side note, the picture you used for this article is god-awful. It’s obvious you were trying to combine the movie image of Odin with the idea of this phone, but all you did was paste the phone in the corner- it’s just floating there and in no way connected to the rest of the picture. If you really wanted to make it meaningful (Or at least look good), you could have shown Odin’s Spear laid down with the phone, implying that they are both tools of the god, or, at the very least, used the same Odin picture but have the phone floating at the top with a blended glow effect, so it would look like he was actually looking at it. And if you didn’t want to put any more effort into it than you did, you could have just put a Sony logo or something, because the current picture is crap.

    Good info though – Thanks.

  4. I’m sure that the Note 3 will get a screen size increase, but I was thinking 5.8 like the new Samsung Galaxy Player. Personally, I would like a 6-inch Note, but I’m sure that is the absolute maximum a pocketable phone can be. And, by the way, I would definitely buy the 6-inch Sony, but I’m sure it’s going to AT&T, or someplace other than Sprint. They never get Sony phones.

  5. Really you want a 7 inch phone dude just look at the nexus 7 with a 7 inch screen -,- u can’t grtnup to that stand max a screen should be for a phone or Phablet should be 6 or 5.5 inches you can’t go more than that are you ridiculous plus Sony can’t bjild phones only TVs and consoles for Me that’s where there game is

  6. If that’s the phablet Sony will be releasing, I think Apple will sue them. Doesn’t Apple now have the patent to anything with 4 corners? Next they’ll be suing the post office over those “if it fit it ships” boxes. And I’m an iPhone owner. But seriously, what’s next? An 8″, 9″ or 10″ phablet? 5.5″ is enough. I am dumping my iPhone 4 for the Galaxy Note 2 when it is released because I believe it has the best features on the market. I’m not buying it just because of its size but mostly due to its features. This phablet phase reminds me of when Ford built the Expedition then Lincoln built the Navigator then Ford built the Excursion which was ridiculously too large and then Cadillac built the Escalade (which I own and love). The Galaxy Note 2 is the Escalade of the phablet world and it will be tough to beat. And if I remember correctly, there were a lot of haters when the Note was first released and now everyone is trying to build something similar.

  7. Great feedback and suggestions on the image. I guess we just wanted to get the news about this potentially awesome phone out there as soon as possible. But I’ll keep it in mind the next time we’re choosing a picture to go with a story.

    Thanks again, mate! 🙂

  8. Who the F*** came up with the name phablet? Sounds like fabulous and we all know who says that…big gay al from south park! I love my note. Cant wait for the Note 2. If the specs are better than my note 2 at the time ill step up. But for the love of God please stop with the phablet…Tablone sounds so much cooler. Sounds like something Silvester Stallone would say after he head butts chuck norris for sneezing without saying excuse me. MAN UP…friggan phablet.

  9. Between the DIX, Odin, and Oppo Finder 5, for me it comes down to which ever one has a removable battery and microSD slot.

  10. Sounds very interesting.

    I’m getting the Note 2; this won’t be out soon enough for me to wait on it to see if I even like it. But I might consider a 6″ tab-hybrid next upgrade — it really depends on how it feels in my hand. My only real criteria for portability is whether I can fit it comfortably in my pocket and hold it comfortably when making a phone call. Aside from that, I’ll take as luxuriously big a screen as I can get. 6″ seems huge, but then again it is only half an inch larger than the Note 2. If it is thin enough and has a slim enough bezel then it could be an excellent device.

  11. 8, 9, or 10″ wouldn’t be a “phablet”. A hybrid device is about striking a balance between tablet screen size and phone portability, and a 9″ device wouldn’t do that. But if the 6″ device were the same size or only negligibly larger than the Note 2, what’s the drawback? Ultimately screen size doesn’t matter is as long as it can be made sufficiently portable and comfortable to use. As to exactly how well this “Odin” accomplishes that task we will have to wait and see, but if we can accept the Note 2 then I don’t see the idea of a 6″ screen itself as being overboard.

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