Sony Xperia Says Your Pets Have a Particular Taste in Music

Sony Xperia news released a tweet today about how animals hear and react to music. A recent study by Martin Garrix proves that some animals hear a wide variety of sound- and some like it more than others.

If you’re looking for a cute escape, look no further than the tweet posted by Sony today, The tweet added a nifty video linking to the High Power Audio XB7, connected by Bluetooth to a Sony Xperia. Watch the video and see just how animals react to various sounds and emotions, and you can watch them partying with their furry friends.

If you’re looking for a new speaker for your phone, the Audio XB7 could be a great idea. Whether you’re working out, playing music for your furry friends, or hosting a small party, you’ll love the sound offered by this device. It connects on the go, delivering awesome sound quality from a “one-box” device capable of some of the deepest bass you can imagine.

Watch the video shared by Sony Xperia news

You can watch the video on Youtube uploaded by Sony.While you might want to let your pets listen to music, make sure you don’t have it too loud! Both cats and dogs have very sensitive ears.


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