Sony Xperia X
Sony Xperia X

Sony Xperia X is one of the latest smartphones by Sony. Sony has provided some tips on its blog to keep the Xperia X series smartphone in a good condition for a longer period of time.

Sony has claimed to be working hard on its smartphone design to get its devices working for a longer time since many people believe that modern technology is not made to last long. The new features on the Xperia X series are to make the smartphone last long compared to other smartphones.

Sony Xperia X Battery Life

I’m sure everyone wants its smartphone to have a long lasting battery. One of the main reseasons why people change their smartphone is due to its poor battery life. With every new generation of the Xperia smartphone, Sony’s main goal is always to improve its battery to last longer.

Sony’s has added a new technology to its Xperia X battery. The new Technology allows the smartphone’s battery to charge much faster compared to the previous Xperia models. However, the new technology doesn’t only fast charge the battery but also its battery’s life span has increased up to two times more.

The new technology used on the Xperia X series is Qnovo’s adaptive charging algorithms on Sony’s software. The Qnovo’s technology reduces physical energy on the cell, which provides better, faster and long last charging.

STAMINA mode on Sony Xperia X
STAMINA mode on Sony Xperia X

With the help of the latest Sony’s ‘STAMINA’ mode, you can save battery for a longer time. This is the best feature on the Xperia X that would save battery when you seriously need to. Once the STAMINA mode is enabled, all features that are eating up your phone’s battery would stop except the GPS, data traffic, vibration and image enhancement. While other App’s goes restricted from eating the battery.

Enabling STAMINA mode on the Sony Xperia X

If you wish to enable the STAMINA mode on your Sony Xperia X, follow the steps below. This will help you extend your battery life, which enables your phone to work for a longer time.

  • Go to Settings
  • From Settings, go to Battery
  • You should now see STAMINA mode.

You can also set a % battery level of when it should activate automatically. So you don’t have to worry much when the STAMINA mode is not enabled.

Sony Xperia X Memory

We all hate it when our smartphones start to hang, heat or slow down when running multi Apps in the background. This is due to the RAM and ROM being used up. Sony has added a new technology that smartly controls and optimizes the Xperia X RAM and ROM memories.

Sony Xperia X Memory

They have named it as ‘Smart Cleaner’, which will automatically close those applications which are not being used that are running in the background. Therefore, RAM and ROM won’t be much in use and will be available for other useful apps that you wish to use. It also cleans up unused cache data that had been stored temporarily on the smartphone. Smart Cleaner can help you uninstall unused Apps that had been installed on the phone.

Enabling Smart Cleaner on Sony Xperia X

Smart Cleaner is actually enabled by default to keep your Xperia X running in good condition. However, it can be disabled by following the steps provided below:-

  • Go to Settings
  • Once you are at Settings, go to Storage & Memory
  • You should now see Smart Cleaner with a disable option.
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