Sony Xperia X Series
Sony Xperia X Series

The New “Intelligent” Sony Xperia is now available for pre-order; said to deliver great camera quality, and better battery life, faster performance, and faster operation using regular processes. Do these three new phones meet the bill?

LONDON, ENG: According to sony, the newest smartphones are going to have to be able to deliver the fastest speeds, low blur pictures, and better screen quality in low light situations. The cameras blend together some of the technology available in different versions of Sony mirrorless cameras (like the a6000) with “Predictive Hybrid Autofocus,” helping eliminate blur.

Trendier, Smarter, Curvier: The New “Intelligent” Sony Xperia X Series

The design is definitely trendy, curved, and sized (at just 5”, it fits perfectly in your hand or your pocket). The power button (like many LG models) is expected to be placed in a location that’s easy to reach, allowing users to use the phone seamlessly, no matter what phone they’re used to.

What Mobile Phone Users Will Notice in the Newest Phone Models

Sony says that users will definitely notice the difference in the battery life, which is something that pretty much all customers were interested in. They estimate that the battery life will be around two times the length of time with Adaptive Charging (that prevents the battery from getting damaged when you’ve got it plugged in). Sony also contends that you’ll be able to get up to 6 hours of use out of just 10 to 15 minutes of charge when you’re using a Quick Charge 2.0 type of charger.

Performance, Graphics, and More

Performance junkies will appreciate the powerhouse processor that Snapdragon provides, giving users a better experience than other phone models. This feature will be important with the high-resolution camera, the high-powered graphics, and the seamless frame rate that the Xperia X provides. Users will hopefully report having ultra-fast streaming and smoother web surfing too.

Sony Hopes New Phones Raise the Bar for Other Phone Developers

If you’re interested in these phones, it’s important to note that there are three specific varieties: the Xperia X (with a focus on extreme picture quality and functionality), Xperia X Performance (for high level graphics and applications as well as the Sony a 6000 heritage), and the Xperia XA (which brings longer a longer battery life, meaning more music, calls, games, and Internet surfing). All three models have tons of accessories, style covers, and smartphone widgets that make them uniquely yours, too. You’ll be able to access all of these widgets through a smart window, so you never have to open your case if you don’t want to, giving you the ultimate phone protection you need.

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