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SOS Method – A Unique Way To Cope With Everyday Stressors



SOS Method - A Unique Way To Cope With Everyday Stressors

SOS Method is a technique developed for more than 25 years. This form of meditation was created by Marlise Karlin, which combines her learning across different fields including Japanese holistic traditions, Western science and teachings of masters in India.

It’s a distilled, pure version of meditation practices, tools and programs that elevate the individual’s status in mind, body and spiritual aspects. Aside from making you more productive, you’ll gain a sense of peace and inner tranquility in the face of frantic day-to-day life.

SOS For A Reason

App Name: SOS Method can be downloaded on both iOS and Android phones and tablets on the App Store or Play Store.

As an app, the SOS Method can be used anytime, anywhere you need it. You can listen to it at home, while driving, exercising or taking the commute.

Total Meditation, Focus and Sleep features are unlocked via a monthly or yearly subscription within the SOS Method app.

Special Formula Meditations. Meditation content are exclusively in the form of tones, words and music. These audio files are anywhere between 5 to 11 minutes in length and can soothe tired and stressed-out minds.

Discovery Programs. These are like podcasts in that they talk about holistic wisdom, landmark sciences and topics such as relationships, creativity and anxiety.

Life Tools. Recommended for everyday use to re-wire the mind for positive thinking and for attracting better solutions.

For Individuals

The program allows the self to regain focus whenever there’s too much stimuli. SOS Method is for anyone who’s stressed out at the end of the day, or those who’ve had experiences such as being bullied, PTSD, increased anxiety and others.

For Businesses

The SOS Method is used in rehab centers, support groups, hospitals, wellness programs and more. Businesses can improve their worker’s productivity and efficiency by investing in the meditation app.