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SOS – Stay Safe! offers an ingenious solution for protecting vulnerable people everywhere. The app gives you a quick, effective and discreet way of alerting your loved ones to the dangerous situation you find yourself in.

Women facing violence or abuse for example, can use SOS – Stay Safe! as a vital tool of empowerment and protection against potential harm.

By using a simple shaking gesture, you can send a distress signal to a number of contacts, giving them information on your location, battery level, and even a 1 minute audio clip of the current situation. This information is also accompanied by a pre-set text message, letting your contacts know that you are in danger.


Safety First, Wherever You Are

Upon opening SOS – Stay Safe! for the first time, you will be asked to enter a four-digit security pin. Thereafter, you can enter the contact details of the people you’d like to alert upon an emergency.

Then, you can link your SOS – Stay Safe! to your Gmail account by logging in with your Google credentials. You can skip this step if you wish, but it is not advised, as your Gmail account will be used to send emergency emails to supplement the text messages sent by the app.

Finally, you will be asked to set the “Shaker Limit”, which is the amount of shaking you’ll need to to in order to send out your emergency messages.

After successfully setting up SOS – Stay Safe! the app is ready to be used in all types of uncomfortable or dangerous situations.

If you are able to open the app in your time of need, you will be greeted with a large, red “Alert” button, which will begin recording and sending our distress signals to your list of added contacts.

However, if you are unable to use the app directly, the same distress signals and audio recording can begin simply by shaking your device, in a way which was similar to the shaking you used whilst setting up the shaker limit.


SOS – Stay Safe! Design & Interface

Applications built and designed for emergencies need to be easy to understand, and quick to navigate. Fortunately, SOS – Stay Safe! is just that.

The set up process is quick and easy, whilst the menus offer fast access to different areas of the app, where you can edit and add new contacts, or change your email settings.

After set up, the dashboard contains nothing but the “Alert” button, making it incredibly easy to send our distress signals, without having to worry about tapping the wrong buttons whilst in a hurry or under pressure.

The last thing you need in an emergency is a cluttered screen, and SOS – Stay Safe! ensures that the “Alert” button, as well as all other menus, are clearly defined and well positioned.

Final Remarks

When it comes to staying safe, you can never make too many precautions. SOS – Stay Safe! gives you a smart, discreet solution to getting your distress signal to those who matter most.

The automatic recording of audio, along with your exact location and a battery life report, will give your friends, family and even the police everything they need to know in order to provide assistance.

SOS – Stay Safe! offers pretty much everything you could need when wanting to send out emergency messages in tough situations. If you’re looking to increase your safety measures, SOS – Stay Safe! might be just what you’re looking for.

Download SOS – Stay Safe! from Google Play on Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.