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Chillingo, already the creators of such iPhone mega-hits such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, look to repeat their success with Spoing, a cute little game about a little glob who must spring from level to level in search of the stolen rainbow diamonds.

While Spoing is just as charming as you’d expect from Chillingo, aesthetically speaking, and contains the same simple-yet-challenging gameplay the company is known for, it doesn’t exactly achieve the same addictive, “time-sink” status of the aforementioned games. Still, for a dollar, Spoing is definitely worth checking out.


In Spoing, you’ll take control of a little ball named, of course, “Spoing”, who was charged with guarding the Rainbow Diamonds. Naturally, while he’s on guard, he’s overtaken by a mist that puts him to sleep, and when he wakes up, the diamonds have vanished. Now, Spoing must spring into action and recover the treasure.

The basic objective of each level is the same: sling-shot Spoing from platform to platform until he reaches the Rainbow Diamond at the end, avoiding obstacles, enemies, and attacks, all while trying to complete the level with the fastest time. At the end of each level, you’ll receive a rank based on your time and performance. Once you’ve completed a batch of levels within a stage, you’ll have to pass a certain rank before you can move on. This will often require you to go back and replay a few stages in order to get a better clear time.


Spoing contains a number of nice touches, turning what’s essentially a simple game into a really well-polished experience. If you fail a level, or lose a life, a dotted guide will appear above Spoing, showing the player Spoing’s path. The game also contains a few different soundtrack options and allows players to import their own tunes from their iPod.

Though these are nice features and certainly add to the enjoyment of Spoing, the core gameplay itself isn’t enough to retain interest over long periods of time. Despite the different elements that are added as you progress (moving platforms, disappearing platforms, different varieties of enemies, etc.), Spoing’s lack of compelling gameplay means it’s a game best enjoyed in short bursts.

Bottom Line: Spoing is a pleasant game best suited for short gameplay sessions.

Spoing is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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