Spotty Time - The Easy Way to Limit Screen Time

Looking for a comprehensive screen time app but don’t want the hassles that come with it?

Spotty Time strikes a good balance of parental control features and ease of use. Even parents who have no knowledge of how to operate a screen time app won’t have any problems running Spotty Time.

Starting Up Spotty Time

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Spotty Time is available on both iOS and Android platforms. After downloading the app and installing it then you’re ready to go.

Spotty Time has a family-friendly interface and you’ll quickly get accustomed to its workings in mere minutes. Parents can go to ‘add screen lock time’ and set the days and time frames they’d like to block usage.

For occasions that call for extra screen time and locking Spotty Time has a few convenient buttons to allow this. Simply open the app and use the pre-set block or add time and the device will respond automatically. 

It’s important to note that Spotty Time has irreversible screen time controls which are virtually tamper-proof. Your kids won’t be able to change the date or time and unlock their devices.

Spotty Time promotes offline productivity so kids and parents alike can achieve balance in their life. There’s so much more to just the internet, and addiction to games, apps and social media is real and should be addressed right away.

Positive Screen Time Reinforcement

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Spotty Time has an in-app reward system for users who are able to follow the screen time rules.

The app has a robust bonus in the form of unlockables. Coins are earned for successful offline endeavors, which can be spent on various cosmetic upgrades. It’s like a mini game in itself and a welcome change versus simply putting locks on a device.

Remove Distractions and Get More Family Time

Spotty Time also works to remove electronic distractions on your smartphone or tablet. A single tap puts the mobile to ‘silent’ mode and you can work without interruptions.

All those offline times can be spent with the family. Instead of spending inordinate hours on social media, children and parents can bond and spend more time together. Try Spotty Time today.

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