samsung galaxy s4

samsung galaxy s4

After multiple delays, Sprint is finally receiving the Galaxy S4 in their retail stores

Following a series of delays, Sprint has released a statement saying that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now “flowing into sales channels.”  This comes after Sprint announced that the phone may arrive late to the carrier “due to overwhelming demand.”  T-Mobile faced similar delay issues last week but has now come back and is offering the phone as of today.

According to a Sprint spokesperson, some retail stores are now selling the Galaxy S4 but the only definite way to find the is via their online store.  Sprint is reportedly receiving more and more shipments every single day so it should not take long for them to push out the Galaxy S4 to all of their main stores.

All of the major carriers are now offering the Galaxy S4 except for Verizon Wireless who is only offering pre-orders with an expected launch date of May 30th.  It is unfortunate that Verizon always ends up getting the short-end of the stick when it comes to Samsung phone releases, as they have continued to get new phones weeks after their initial release.

Sprint has told multiple sources that they are extremely happy with the response to their offering of the Galaxy S4.  Not only is the S4 the latest smartphone from Samsung but it is also the most important Android smartphone in Sprint’s entire lineup, meaning that there is a lot riding on the success of the device.

Hopefully both Sprint and T-Mobile will be able to more widely offer the device by the start of May which is in just a couple of days.  T-Mobile announced that it may take until the first week of May to offer the Galaxy S4 in their retail locations but customers can purchase it online starting today.