Spying On Your Kid Can Save His or Her Life

Parental tracking becomes more prevalent as the internet and its accessibility expands. A grade-schooler watching porn is quite alarming. Age-inappropriate content, cyberbullying, sexting, and chatroom predators? We simply can’t ignore reality. These risks are likely to present themselves when a child makes unguided decisions during online interactions.

What’s important is your child be taught the limits as to what they can share and what not to divulge, whom to trust, as well as the possible consequences of carelessness.

Snapchat, for instance, is a very popular network where kids exchange photos, videos, and all sorts of content they find interesting.  It’s the perfect place to have fun, because the app deletes messages after mere seconds. Now they don’t magically disappear, do they? Some photos end up on “revenge” sites to the shame of whoever posted it.

Smartphones are pretty much like a vault or diary to a tween or teen, so tread with caution. Every child reacts differently. There are a few who follow rules, give in to spot checks, and even let you access their account. Some may think you’re stalking them, or that you don’t trust them enough, which tend to make things worse.

Snapspy, data monitoring software, can be your ever-reliable partner. Using the sophisticated app, you can track your child’s phone without physically taking it and coming out as intrusive. Rebellion is the last thing you want to happen! How safe is your secret? The only way they’ll know is if you voluntarily tell them. Conversely, it’s a surefire way for you to truly know what’s been said and done.

A quick peek on their chat history may be all it takes to get parents to act. You can lift up a child from depression, steer their path clear of bad influence, and stop the tragic outcome of bullying or falling victim to a predator.