Price: $0.99   Score: 7/10    Category: Games

The cliched battle of good versus evil resumes with the intentionally campy Ranger Rocket.

When evil aliens threaten to turn everything beloved in the world into monsters, Ranger Rocket jets in to save the day. Being an underdog ranger in a rocket, the only way he can conquer the aliens is by boxing away all the beloved objects of the world that have been turned into monsters by the alien Evil Soul Ray Gun.

The resulting game is a mad race to trap everything from hamburgers and robots, to cars and musical instruments as they ping pong around the screen in an attempt to disintegrate Rocket Ranger in his path.

Because any contact with the enemy monsters result in instant death, the point of the game is to box off a percentage of the screen without losing all of Rocket Ranger’s lives. The concept itself has been repeated over and over again in games, but the intentionally campy graphics, music and dialogue are fun and addictive.

Power ups give Ranger Rocket bursts of turbo speed and the occasional laser blast to shoot at enemies, but mostly this is a game requiring of directionally savvy strategy and quick, jerky reaction times.

For all intensive purposes Ranger Rocket is a semi-addictive casual game with a solid premise and decent execution. It’s difficult to mess up the classic “box away the enemy” premise and power ups combined with the appeal of playing on a touch screen make for a solid good time flying space ships to save the world.

Bottom Line: Ranger Rocket is a classic isolate-the-enemy game featuring aliens, lasers, and one rocketeer ready to save the world. It’s probably worth a buck, but don’t expect the world.