Squirly iPhone Game

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Squirly is an iPhone game developed by Duco Visbeen / Devided. In the game of Squirly, your job is simple. You must help a squirrel avoid its enemies and return back home.

The controls here are very simple: just tap one side of the screen to move in that direction. You will keep moving in that direction until you tap the opposite side of the screen, which means that you need to be constantly riding the controls during every run.

Squirly iPhone Game Squirly iPhone Game

One thing that I liked about this game right off the bat was the choice users are given in regard to Facebook. Unlike so many other games on the App Store that force you to log in with Facebook, you have the option here online slots to skip Facebook login and get right to the game itself. That being said, Facebook integration does make the game more “awesome,” according to the devs.

The graphics are cute, and this game has a decent amount of replay value. It will appeal to adults looking for a casual little time waster, as well as to kids. It will definitely test your reaction time, no matter what you age might be.

Squirly iPhone Game Squirly iPhone Game

The music was fine, if a bit generic. This game”s sound design is pretty average, and it”s like a game I”d play with the sound turned off anyway, since it doesn”t really impact the game if its played on silent mode.

Other than the ho-hum sound design and annoying banner ads, Squirly is a really fun little time waster. The controls are simple, though the constant need to adjust your course may drive some players nuts. Overall, this is a solid title that will appeal to fans of free, casual games.

Want more? Check out this YouTube video to see this fun new game in action! You can also check out the game on Facebook.

Squirly requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.