Review Sticker Market Become Part of The Future of Texting

As technology advances, it is becoming easier and easier to implement more complex graphics into each element of a smartphone. Ever since the first release of emojis onto the smartphone platform, the world has never been the same. Who knew a simple yellow human-looking figure head could result in becoming part of human history? A change in history in which we humans, as a species, changed everything about how we choose to express ourselves when we communicate. It’s hard not to see the irony in going from drawings to linguistics and back to drawings.

However, the emoji has been a major part of texting for quite some time now. As we all know, internet years aren’t exactly like normal years. Things move at a brisk pace on the internet with major trends coming, staying, going, and eventually dying out. Therefore, the emoji has been a form of expression for more than a decade now, and just like everything else on the internet, it’s high time enhancements were made.

Recently, if you own a smartphone, you might have noticed something called “Stickers” that have been plaguing all forms of social medias and chat-boxes. Stickers is basically the enhancements we all never knew we needed and is most likely to become the next emoji. In addition to stickers, people have also turned their fingertips to GIF’s. Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat and even Twitter have some sort of ‘sticker’ functionality to them. Therefore, with the stickers on the rise, like with any other product, it’s time to find out what 3rd party developers have come up with that could help enhance the experience.

Which brings me to Sticker.Market. An app for both Android and iOS devices that lets creators share and upload their own stickers, GIFs, face filters and templates. Allowing anyone with a passion for arts to create and submit their own stickers and creative work in the form of GIFs and/or templates for millions of people to download for free or if you’re looking to make a buck, for a certain amount of money, prompting users to pay for the hard-work you put in into your creation.

The application integrates a universal keyboard allowing the user to use any sticker of their liking. The best part about it is that it’s optimised for all and any form of instant messaging app for smartphones. The application allows users to put up their sticker sets for millions of sticker enthusiasts to download. The sticker-market allows you to either set the set of stickers for free, or for a price of your liking.

After reviewing the application, it can be said that this is one program that definitely helps enhance users experience with stickers, both creatively and, from a business perspective, financially.