Suggestions for your First Boxing Match

Even if you have trained in the most compelling boxing training camp globally, all boxers are likely to feel scared and worried before a bout (Check this resource for the best boxing training schools in the US.)

However, if you are about to engage in your first combat, sticking to a few suggestions and tactics can help you reduce your tension and anxiety and provide you a slight advantage over the competitors.

Boxing Tips for Your First Match

You may prepare for your first combat by doing a few things in addition to being prepared. These suggestions can help you face your opponent with confidence.

1. Get Some Rest.

The day before the suit is not the time to put all of your training into one day. Train briefly before getting some much-needed rest.

2. Have a Positive Attitude

You must also prepare your mind for the match. Maintain a good attitude and think you’ve done all possible to prepare. Allowing negative thoughts to gain control can keep you nervous and also worried. You could get sidetracked on the ring. Train your thoughts to be positive and to think that you will triumph.

Create a method for positive affirmations that you may use from the first day you become a fighter. Your instructor will undoubtedly shower you with positive feedback, which you must absorb. It would help if you repeated them to yourself until you believed. This will certainly assist you in molding your thinking.

3. Get the Right Equipment

Obtaining the best competition and safety equipment is one way to prepare for the match. Protective equipment for professional matches differs from what you may use for training. Regulatory organizations also establish rules for the type of equipment you must use in a match.

Because you don’t have to worry about not having the right equipment for your match, equipping yourself boosts your confidence. Purchase the most effective safety equipment to guarantee that your first match is not your last due to injury.

4. Remain Calm

It’s completely normal to feel apprehensive about your first match, but those nerves should not be the focus of your attention. So what should you do to get rid of nerves?

It might be that you like a good laugh with friends and family, go for a run, or watch a favorite show. Do the things you enjoy to help you get rid of the butterflies in your tummy and remain calm.

5. Begin a Workout Routine

An intense fitness program is also a part of a great plan. It’s not ideal to face your adversary without adequate training. A good workout regimen wakes up both your muscles and your thoughts.Stretch and engage in a shadow boxing practice to prepare for the bout ahead of time.

When you warm up properly, your reflexes will be alert, and you will be able to avoid getting harmed on the ring more easily. Remember, a good warm-up should not be too long or too taxing, but enough to get you pumped up.

6. Have Adequate Support in the Arena

It might be terrifying to face your first opponent. Having your friends and training partners there makes you feel supported, which can make all the difference.

7. Drink plenty of water

Do not walk into the ring if you are dehydrated. That will undoubtedly sap all of your energy. Begin a hydration plan before the match to ensure your body is adequately hydrated on the day of combat. Appropriate hydration is essential for being active on the ring. Keep a hydration container with your train to sip from after each round.

8. Avoid Consuming Heavy Foods

Take a light lunch before the match that will boost your energy but will not load you up. Your last meal should be between 2-3 hours before the match, followed by a quick snack just before facing your competitor.

9. Psychological Preparation

Doing something habitual that keeps you calm is part of being psychologically prepared. If you are religious, you may like meditation or prayer. Taking a minute for this will undoubtedly assist in calming your thoughts and prepare you for the battle.

10. Avoid Exhaustion

It may be enticing to train more and more on the day before the match. Even if you want to squeeze in one more training session, avoid confronting your adversary while you are weary.

You can participate in simple training routines that will help you polish your technique but avoid exhausting movements that deplete your energy levels. When you’re tired, you won’t be able to keep attentive, which means your opponent will quickly knock you senseless!

11. Get a Physical Exam

You may have visited your doctor several times during your training, but having one more physical is critical. The doctor will certainly check your blood pressure, among other things, to discover if you’re set for your very first match.

They can also alert you when anything is wrong. It’s far better to know what has to be fixed before getting into the ring.

12. Take a walk or jog

Being outside in the morning before the fight may be just what you need to clear your mind. Make it a habit to go for a walk or jog in the early morning before the big fight; this regimen can make all the difference in the ring. A walk helps your thoughts stay calm and clear.

13. Keep Warm

Wear sweatpants the day leading up to the fight to keep your body temperature warm. Also, wear loose clothing. Do not stretch two hours before the match; instead, do it all beforehand.

Ensure you generate sweat while you warm up before the battle! This is because your body works better at greater temperatures.


Your first match is something to look forward to. Now that it’s here use these tips to be ready for the big day. Remember to stay calm and optimistic at all times. Use positive affirmations to keep your mind focused on what is good and to eradicate all negative thoughts from your head.

Best wishes!