SwipedOn iPad App

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SwipedOn is an iPad app developed by SwipedOn Ltd. Boasting customizable screen savers and a great UI, SwipedOn is a great tool for tracking which employees and visitors are on site at any given time.

SwipedOn is a great tool for replacing old-fashioned paper timesheets. It also acts as a communication hub, letting others know when you have out-of-office meetings or vacation time scheduled, and when you are slated to return.

SwipedOn iPad App SwipedOn iPad App

This app is also great for offices where workers don’t have set hours. If you’re managing a staff that can choose when to come to work (as long as they hit 40 hours), this app is a great way to track hours.

In addition to being a management tool (and possibly even a security tool), SwipedOn has another crucial benefit. In the event of a fire or natural disaster, this app provides a complete list of who was in your building at the time. You can therefore use it as a tool for checking off names and making sure who got out of the building safely.

SwipedOn iPad App SwipedOn iPad App

While SwipedOn is a free iPad app, you might want to make sure to budget for some additional usage costs. If you want to upgrade to 15 users, it will be an in-app purchase of about $4. For 50 users, the costs are a little over $6, while 75 users is $8.29 at this time. For more rate info that is up to date, check the App Store or the app itself.

SwipedOn is currently on Version 1.3, which the developers are lauding as a “game changer.” Improvements that have debuted in this iteration of the app include the addition of a “departments” feature to customize teams, as well as the addition of visitor log in/out buttons on the screensaver. This feature streamlines the visitor registration process.

Overall, SwipedOn is a good tool for turning an iPad into a more purposeful business tool. If you want to turn your iPad into a work terminal that can print photo visitor IDs, SwipedOn is a very cool app. It has a great interface, and amazing functionality.

SwipedOn is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.