Iphone 5 tmobile

Iphone 5 tmobile

If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber and want to use an unlocked iPhone 5 without changing carriers, you’re in luck. T-mobile confirmed plans to make an iPhone 5 compatible nano-sim card available by mid-October via its Twitter account today. TmoNews also acquired some internal T-Mobile documentation basically confirming the iPhone 5 their reason for doing it ,  stating  –

Yes the only phone that currently uses a nano-SIM card is the Apple iPhone 5. No T-Mobile devices require this sim card”

This certainly speaks to the iPhone 5 popularity if America’s 4th largest cell phone carrier is willing to support its proprietary nano-SIM form factor and not even carry the device. T-Mobile will also offer its “truly UNLIMITED” plan to unlocked iPhone owners so if you don’t like AT&T keeping you away from your precious gigabytes you can make the switch.

Its worth noting that T-Mobile’s 3g and 4g networks aren’t compatible with the iPhone 5, so you’d be using it on 2g (edge) only. T-Mobile does have several Iphone compatible HSPA+ networks available in a handful of US cities with plans to expand to more by the end of the year.

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SOURCE- TmoNews / TheVerge / Twitter