After playing with Talking Carl for a while now I can honestly say that there are only two times in your life that you will ever be glad you have this application on your iPhone:

  1. You need to entertain an infant.
  2. You are very, very, VERY intoxicated and have absolutely no one to talk to.

Developed by Awyse, the app is fairly simple in design. Once launched you have Carl, a giant red blob in front of you, and Carl talks. By talks I mean he will repeat what you say to him in a slightly more entertaining voice. When he’s not repeating everything you say Carl will also yell if you poke him, laugh if you tickle him, growl if you pinch him, and grumble if you decide to waste battery power by letting him sit there for a while.

It can be fun to interact with Carl for a minute of so, but unless you’re involved in the aforementioned two activities quite often Talking Carl is more than likely a waste of your $.99.