Tech in the House! 5 Advantages of Using VoIP Systems When Working from Home

Remote working is actually not new. In fact, many people have already been saying goodbye to the burdensome “commute to office day” and shifted to working at the comfort of their homes instead, even before the pandemic came. But COVID-19 has indeed highlighted this shift, and now, work from home is becoming a trend, especially for most business owners.

On the one hand, while it is true that working remotely has lifted a significant burden for both employers and employees, one cannot also deny that it has its own set of problems. Probably one of the major setbacks is communication within the team. However, thanks to more and more advancements in technology, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

With the Voice Over Internet Protocol or voip, you and your employees can have increased accessibility, improved scalability, and high-performance communication, all at a minimal cost. All these lead to enhanced business productivity. There’s so much more that voip systems can offer, and listed below are just some of these benefits.

Enhanced and Upgraded Features

One great advantage of integrating this kind of system in your business is the services you can access. But remember, though, that different voip providers offer varying tech support, packages, and services. Among the common ones are integrated mobile apps that permit conference calls and team messaging, which can help increase productivity. Other features include automated call routing, auto-attendant, CRM software integration, among others.

These advanced features that allow for business integration and smart tools that promote good employer-employee-customer relationships are among the top reasons why this system is highly beneficial for one’s business. You can easily see how your business, whether it’s just small or big, can have the upper hand compared to your competitors that don’t.

Improved Collaboration and Access

Another perk is that it unifies communication. Through the use of the internet, it provides a way for employees to continue collaborating with their co-workers even at a remote set-up. When one is unable to answer a call, you can direct it to another person available. Likewise, you can keep your workforce on track through different tools, such as whisper or monitor, which allow you to micromanage your employees. 

In addition, voip allows them complete access to business information, regardless of wherever they are or whatever device they are using. This way, your workforce gets to be flexible in a manner that directly promotes an efficient workflow. With the right kind of systems installed, it opens the door for more growth potential for your business.

Maintain Client Engagement

One of the many reasons why a business becomes unsuccessful is poor customer communication service. That is when potential clients are having difficulty contacting the company, or it takes too long to respond to their queries. When this happens, an automatic bad review from them may surface, which can definitely hurt the brand’s image. Now, that’s not a good place to be.

Through voip, you can lessen your risk of being in that scenario. Because of its upgraded features, you can take calls either through your phone or desktop using softphone apps. Softphones are like cell phones — they display the same phone interface with the same dial pads and call handling controls. However, this can be operated on your computer, which allows you to work from home efficiently.

Provide Increased Security

Most businesses are prone to fraudulent phone calls, spam, and other schemes that might interrupt phone services or, worse, put you and your client’s sensitive information at risk of being leaked. That is why keeping the communication lines secure is crucial for any kind of business. By doing so, you not only improve your customer service but also make your company reliable and trustworthy.

Thanks to voip systems, you can address such security threats through call encryptions, real-time monitoring, and better identity management protocols. Aside from these enhanced system features, providers also implement and comply with security protocols to protect their networks and ensure high-grade security for their clients.

More Cost-efficient

Managing a business might have taught you that when you see any cost-saving opportunity, you should take it—but not compromising the quality of your services and products, of course. Voip can offer you both advantages. This is probably among the best news for voip users. Compared to the traditional landline phone system, voip can reduce your monthly telecom expenses.

For one, it can eliminate hardware costs as you can now operate through a virtual phone system for all your operations. Furthermore, it utilizes cloud technology for more accessible network and software management without needing external storage devices. This lowers the cost as you won’t be paying for maintenance fees anymore. Because voip is a hosted system, your provider can handle any server issues that may arise along the way.


Evidently, voip systems offer a lot more advantages than you can imagine. Aside from productivity, efficiency, and credibility, it can also significantly reduce your business spending. Most importantly, it doesn’t only bridge the gap between you and the customers, but with your employees, too. Through this, you’ll end up having satisfied customers and happy employees.