Debuting at the coveted number one spot on the Top Paid Apps chart in its first week, The Heist is the best new iPhone game this week. Rounding out the top 5 new releases for iOS are physics-based trickster Touchgrind BMX, arcade-platformer To-Fu: The Trials of Chi, squirrel-mad Nuts! and the new Chillingo title Red Ball 3.

#1 The Heist ($0.99)

A slick new puzzle game from tap tap tap, The Heist features 60 fun and challenging puzzles to solve, 19 Game Center achievements to earn and an incredibly polished set of visuals to top things off. The Heist is well worth a download for any fan of the puzzle genre.

#2 Touchgrind BMX ($4.99)

From Illusion Labs, the developer behind the original Touchgrind, Touchgrind BMX takes two-wheeled tricks to the next level with amazing physics-based gameplay. Set in a number of real-life locations around the world, Touchgrind BMX is a must-have for fans of trick-based games. Also featuring a number of unlockables, including extra bikes and locations, Touchgrind BMX is a solid, albeit expensive, follow-up offering from Illusion.

#3 To-Fu: The Trials of Chi ($0.99)

A new game from HotGen Limited, To-Fu: The Trials of Chi is a 100% original platform-puzzler. Featuring gorgeous retina graphics, In To-Fu: The Trials of Chi, you take the world’s most malleable martial artist (To-Fu), through 100 original levels, each with their own unique obstacles and challenges to overcome using the game’s innovative ‘stretch’ controls.

#4 Nuts! ($0.99)

An all new action-arcade game from Limbic Software, Nuts! features colorful retina graphics, silky animations and addictive gameplay. Control a nimble little squirrel to collect coins, use powerups and climb to new heights in search of those elusive nuts!

#5 Red Ball 3 ($0.99)

The third Red Ball title from Chillingo, Red Ball 3 features 20 new challenging levels set across a number of locations. With physics-based platform gameplay and cute colorful graphics, Red Ball 3 is a great title for the kids.

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