The apps that can save your life

Smartphones are in our lives for good. We carry them with us all the time, and we have made them our calendar, our connection with our friends, our camera, our mp3, and our enjoyment. Some people blame them for social isolation, for being addictive and unhealthy. However, some uses can actually save your life. In this article, we present you with ten apps that can save your life.


This is the most useful app that you can find. It has a vast collection of articles, 175,000, on how to do things. Whether the question is about cooking, whether you need survival advice, or whether you want to have fun like playing in an online casino, wikiHow will have the answer to all of that.  

First Aid

The American Red Cross created this app to help people with basic first aid. It also offers first aid lessons for a lot of topics. It has videos, diagrams, FAQs, and instructions.

Pet First Aid

The same organization with the same concept but for our cats and dogs. You can also create pet profiles, save your veterinarian’s contact in case of an emergency.

Disaster Alert

                This is the best app for natural disasters as it warns you of anything bad that happens in your location, or anywhere on Earth like earthquakes, floods, storms, fires, etc.

Allergy FT

                You can never know if and when you will suffer from an allergic reaction. Many allergies can threaten your life, especially when it comes to food. This app can identify sixty-two food allergies and can translate warning messages into different languages. If you are allergic and you love traveling, then this app is for you.

Red Panic Button

                This is the simplest and yet one of the most useful apps in life-threatening situations. Just press the button, and the app will send an emergency signal to the contacts you have preassigned.

Siren GPS

                This app sends a signal of your GPS location so they can pinpoint where you are. This app can also secure communication when there is a low or no signal at all.

Trusted Contacts

                With this app, you designate your trusted contacts that can see your activity, and you can share your location if there is any threat. It also works when your phone isn’t online.

In conclusion

Some people do not like to rely on technology that much, but if something can help when you are in need, why not use it?

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