The best digital banks in Europe according to a popular UX design agency

Digital banking solutions are becoming increasingly popular in Europe and around the world. For users, using their smartphone as their personal link to their finances presents one of the most comfortable options available.

As traditional banking solutions are falling behind in favor of mobile banking, the competition for new mobile banker customers is strong.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular digital banks in Europe right now, according to Ergomania, a popular UX agency located in Budapest!

Digital banks that have won over their customers in Europe


A Dutch bank that was the first to work solely as a digital solution within its country. One of its strongest points was its green message by linking its financial services to the Eden Reforestation Project. The bigger the transaction, the more the bank invested in planting trees. Not to mention users could follow exactly how much they contributed to this environmental effort.


This digital banking solution has done a lot for reducing the cost and time it takes to complete cross-border transactions with European countries. They also created an excellent informational structure based on user feedback: financial services and functions only appear in groups of 3 at the most.


A fintech company based in London. Their application offers unique rewards to customers who can collect points that they can redeem for other uses. This incites their users to keep using the app and motivates them for the long term.


A digital banking solution from Finland that has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from small and medium enterprises. Holvi’s app has helped in simplifying the most crucial business functions like reporting and invoice management. It also helps companies by providing them with a quick and simple overview of their finances.


Based in the UK, Monese’s application has always aimed to make the advantages that come with online transactions accessible to all – regardless of their location. They have created a unique user experience by introducing intelligent transaction and expanse tracking based on the location of the users.


A digital banking solution with one of the largest user bases in Europe. This German online bank specifically targets millennials and people who like to travel frequently. Apart from their large range of services (like free ATM withdrawals around the world), they based the interface of their application on extensive UX research.


Formerly known as Bitwala, Nuri is one of the first cryptocurrency banks. The interface of the app is easy to navigate, and the distribution of cryptocurrencies is very transparent. You can also clearly see how much interest you’ve received. Still, the app could use more optimization for international users, as shown by the lack of more available currencies apart from EUR and USD.


It could be argued that Revolut’s digital banking solution in Europe hardly needs any introduction. It has provided great added value for frequent travellers by reducing charges related to currency exchanges and cross-border payments. The core of their services is represented by the Revolut card, which can either be used as a digital wallet or delivered as a physical bank card.


Definitely not a traditional bank. Soldo is more of an “expense management platform” that offers pre-paid cards to cover the expenses of companies. An excellent example of an application that helps manage expenses related to the employees of a business.

Vivid Money

A 100% digital banking solution with no physical banks in Europe. Despite being a relatively new player on the scene, Vivid Money has grown a lot since its inception in 2019. All signs of it being able to compete with the largest German banks. Among other things, the app offers minimal fees and cashback packages


With the lowest fees in the currency exchange industry, Wise’s application is one of the biggest service providers in Europe and all over the world. User feedback is also extremely positive towards the interface and the ease of the registration process.


This Danish digital banking app focuses on making stock trading and investment processes as easy as possible. With its special interactive search engine, users can easily find their favorite brands from multiple trading sectors. The app also comes with automatically generated tax reports.

Digital banking solutions in Europe – The takeaways according to a popular UX agency

The success of Europe’s most popular digital banks can be traced back to many different factors. They pay attention to the feedback of their clientele to provide customer-centric services. They also aren’t afraid of doing something different, even if it’s “only” a simpler version of a pre-existing solution.

And last but not least, they make their digital banking user experience as seamless and attractive as possible in a world where the average consumer is “spoiled” with the comfort and speed that apps can provide.