The Best Free Mobile Live Location Tracker

Do you ever worry about losing your phone or tablet? With a mobile location tracker app, it is possible to easily locate your device and even track your child’s mobile device. These apps provide information about the device, including call history, internet searches, social media messages, and more. In this article, we’ll look into the top online mobile tracker apps worth your attention.

What Is the Use of Mobile Trackers?

Mobile location trackers have a wide range of practical uses, and you might be surprised by how handy they can be in your daily life. Firstly, they help you find your lost or stolen phone or tablet. No more frantic searching or worries about your personal data falling into the wrong hands. On the family front, these trackers are invaluable for monitoring your kids and ensuring their safety. You can easily view their mobile device’s location, call history, online activity, and more.

The 3 Best Mobile Tracker Apps

The market is brimming with various live mobile tracker apps and paid all-rounders, each offering a unique set of features and functionalities. However, here are our top picks.

1. eyeZy

eyeZy is a comprehensive cell phone tracker that works for both Android and iOS devices while staying incognito on the target phone. Installing it is a breeze if you have access to the device. Once set up, you can remotely monitor calls, messages, and online activity and even track phone location in real time through a dedicated dashboard. Plus, it helps locate files, images, and videos and offers excellent GPS features, making it a reliable all-in-one tracking solution.


  • GPS location tracking
  • Instant file finder
  • Keystroke tracking
  • Social media spying
  • Website blocker

2. Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free ranks among the top free cell phone tracking apps. The free plan of this phone tracker free online provides phone monitoring and data management capabilities, along with the ability to remotely record calls and capture screenshots. Online mobile tracker free basic plan comes with the same features as the free plan but without ads and no weekly log-in requirement, while the premium package includes unlimited data, voice, and screenshot features.


  • Monitor your family members and employees in stealth mode
  • Free use
  • Data recovery
  • Remote audio recording
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 and later
  • File explorer

3. uMobix

uMobix is an advanced cell phone tracking application that allows you to monitor your child’s smartphone or tablet in real time. Setting up and using the app is easy as ABC, and it provides real-time updates. It is compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and Android OS 4+ devices. It can monitor over 30 social media platforms, making it an excellent tool for keeping up with your child’s online activity. Although slightly more expensive than competitors, the added features justify the price.


  • Remote device access
  • Call and SMS logging
  • Social media oversight
  • Location history
  • The ability to view deleted information

Which Tracker App Will Give Me the Best Offer?

Mobile Tracker Free provides the best offer. It offers excellent phone tracking features completely free of charge. It’s a handy tool for parents looking to monitor their children’s activities and couples wishing to keep tabs on their significant others. The app is incredibly user-friendly and offers features, including SMS and call tracking, photo and video viewing, real-time location tracking, and much more. 


How can I track a phone’s location while remaining hidden?

You may secretly track someone’s location by installing a spy app on their phone. These apps will help you monitor calls, texts, GPS location, web history, and social media use. Alternatively, you may resort to using a mobile IMEI tracker by preinstalling it in advance and pin down someone’s spot on the map incognito.

How can I use Google Maps to track a phone number?

Given you have been added to the list of people with authorized access, you may use the Google Maps location sharing feature on your smartphone to find someone’s site on Google Maps. Add your email to the list on your child’s or spouse’s phone and have peace of mind always knowing where they are, their battery charge level, time of departure or arrival to places, along with other information granted.